• Grammar Police grammar police

    Grammar police,we all seem to have a certain friend or friends that have there badge in the force.Quick to correct you weather,it's in a text message,conversation,email or comment on facebook,the grammar police are never far from serving you justice.The most annoying department of the police force the grammar police account for more than 1000 broken friendships a year as well as thousands of blocked facebook friends and twitter followers.

  • Movies over the years have provided us with some great quotes.Everyone has there favorite movies and can always shoot quotes out when needed.Movie quotes can be dropped into any conversation at work,the pub,sporting events and many more.How many times have you said I'LL BE Back,even if  you mean it or not your quoting Arnie. Movies are apart of our life's ,they cheer us up,make us sad,scare the hell out of us and have us glued to the edge of our seats.Let people your fluent in the language of movie quotes

  • coffee coffee

    A world without coffee is an unproductive world.What work would get done if there was no coffee.The message is simple, no coffee - no work.Take a Stand....

  • no coffee no coffee

    No coffee no workee.A simple message that anybody can relate to.No coffee ,means no productivity.No coffee means a slump in human movement.Get the coffee flowing and watch the work get done.

  • Pitbull advisory a message warning people that extreme face licking my happen if approached by your pooch.Pitbull dogs have gotten a bad rep being labeled vicious and unsafe to have as pets.Anyone that owns a pitbull will tell you how loving & loyal they are.Let people know there's no need to be afraid of your pitbull and the only thing to fear is being licked

  • The beard movement is upon us.Seems every man is growing some face fuzz and the ladies love it.Beard t shirts are the next stage in this movement.Why have the face fuzz and not the t shirt.Beard t shirts carry a message that your proud of your beard.Why have one beard when you can have 2 on display.Beard t shirts should be worn proudly and let people know that with your epic beard comes great responsibility...

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